The Kindy area caters for children from approximately three and a half years until they leave for school.

  • We promote children’s self-help, curiosity, self-expression, self-esteem and independence.
  • We provide a learning environment that is stimulating, developmentally appropriate and fun.
  • We aim to provide a broad range of experiences that will cater for all children as individuals ie physical play, dramatic play, building and construction, manipulative and fine motor play skills, problem solving skills, cognitive thinking, language, sensory play, science, maths, nature, creative expressions and school readiness.
  • We believe in Play-based learning where children can learn by doing.
  • In our environment we aim to provide a large variety of resources to cater for every individual.
  • We aim to deliver a careful balance in the programme between structure, routine and free play.
  • Teachers develop programmes aimed at extending the children’s learning and development through their interests, we welcome whanau involvement during this process.
  • Children are encouraged to develop social skills and build relationships that value and respect their peers and teachers, develop an ability to resolve issues, take responsibility and make appropriate decisions.
  • Te Reo Maori and Tikanga Maori is an inclusive part of our programme. We use Te Reo in our daily routines, mat times, and activities as well as in communication with children.
Kindy Teacher
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Meet the Teachers



Team Leader

Erena enjoys working with different age groups; however her true passion is with the Kindy aged children. Erena is a mother of 4 and when not at work enjoys spending time with her family. Erena is passionate about creating an environment that is rich in fun opportunities for children to learn and prepare for their future learning and transition to school.

Midcity Jason


It's so great to have a male teacher in our centre! Jason is loved by all the children, and has worked throughout the centre with all three age-groups. He is currently a teacher in the Kindy and the older children really enjoy having a male role model around. Jason is passionate about Nature and continues to provide lots of amazing opportunities for the children with the incredible creatures he brings to live at Midcity.



Shannon qualified as a primary teacher, but didn’t really expect to find herself in ECE! She found that she absolutely loves it, especially because the children’s’ development is so easy to see over such a short period of time. Shannon believes that the learning should not be focused in one area, but should be spread out to encompass the child’s many characteristics as an individual, fuelling their interests on the way to becoming a self-managing, life-long learner.