Our normal opening hours are 7.15 am til 5.30 pm Monday to Friday. Upon enrolment you will be asked to nominate a ‘booking time’, the time you will attend on a daily basis. We trust these hours will suit you and you will be able to support the teachers by adhering to your booking time.


Our curriculum is based on Te Whāriki – the Early Childhood Curriculum. We believe that the importance of play as a vehicle for learning is respected and valued. Our teachers are intentional in the way they recognise and respond to opportunities to engage in and extend children’s learning. Our teacher practice incorporates the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.

Our core values (Whanaungatanga, Play, Aroha, Ako, Cultural Foundations and partnerships with Whanau). Strengthens our curriculum further, to ensure positive learning outcomes for the children.


We provide nutritious meals for your children to give them lots of energy, as well as providing morning tea, afternoon tea, and a late snack. All meals are prepared on site. Please see the menu on our display board in the entrance of our Centre.


We also invite you to be part of your child’s learning via Storypark. Storypark is an online record of your child’s learning. You control who you share this learning with i.e. grandparents, aunts and uncles. This enables you to have increased involvement in your child’s learning, enhancing support and therefore improving their learning outcomes.


Each child in our care will have their own unique portfolio. This will include photos of your child and wonderful Learning Stories that show how well our teachers know each individual child and how they extend the children through their interests, strengths and changing needs. This will be a precious snapshot of your child’s growth and development in their preschool years.


We believe that siblings attending the centre should have the opportunity to spend time together. We will do this whenever possible.

You can expect some fun-filled events during the year that will involve the whole family. Some of our events so far have included our yearly Christmas party, a parent breakfast and our Matariki Celebration. These are great times to get to know your childs friends and the teachers better.


We take the children for a walk as often as we can when the weather allows. We also love to go on special trips. Some of our past trips have included trips to the airport, the Zoo, the Museum and the Library. The Kindy also run a ‘Nature Programme’ and a ‘Gym Programme’ which our older children love.


While we will never be as important as you, their parent, you can be assured that while your child is with us we will love them and hug them. We will ensure every physical need is met from nappies to lunch to snuggly sleeps, and we will challenge their minds and build their self-esteem. We will always work in partnership to you, to ensure the best possible learning outcomes for your child.