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Each of our tamariki are unique and comes with their own sleeping routine.


To ensure kaiako follow individual sleeping routines of our tamariki in a relaxed and familiar environment.


  • Adequate space is provided between beds to ensure safety and hygiene.
  • All tamariki are provided with their own individual sleeping space and bed linen.
  • Sleep spaces are positive and peaceful to ensure undisturbed rest and follow tikanga protocols.
  • Kaiako are relaxed and unhurried in preparing the tamariki for sleep, and flexible to their individual routines.
  • The individual sleep routines of our tamariki will be followed. In the Toddlers & Kindy, structured sleep/rest times are provided.
  • Ratios are maintained while the tamariki are sleeping.
  • Parents/whānau are encouraged to bring anything special that may help their tamariki to settle for their sleep times.
  • Kaiako support parents/whānau as the tamariki develop new sleep patterns e.g phasing sleep out, limiting sleep times, etc.

Procedure for Monitoring Sleeping Tamariki

  • An assigned kaiako will ensure tamariki are checked for warmth, breathing, and general well-being every ten minutes and will sign the sleep chart to say they have checked the tamariki.
  • They record the times the tamariki went to sleep and woke up on the Sleep Chart.
  • At no time will tamariki have access to food or liquids while in bed in accordance with the Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008.
  • A Baby Monitor will be turned on throughout the day in both the Infants and Toddler sleep rooms.

Impacts of Policy on Staff, Parents and Tamariki

Failure to follow this policy can result in:

  • Tamariki disturbing each other
  • Tamariki experience disturbed rest
  • Tamariki could become ill, injured or in danger when sleeping/resting
  • A parent not knowing what sleep their tamariki has had.

Next policy review due: April 2022