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We value parents and whānau contribution and involvement in their child’s education and care within our Centre. We ensure that parents and whānau are advised on how to access relevant information concerning their child and the operation of the Centre and inform them of any reviews or consultation processes.


  • A wonderful indicator of quality in Early Childhood settings is the degree to which parents and whānau work in partnership with the teachers to provide positive learning outcomes for the children.


  • This centre informs, consults and involves parents and whānau in planning, operations and involvement by:
  • Informative discussion on enrolment.
  • Information sharing during transition visits with the child’s key teacher.
  • Centre noticeboards with relevant information for parents & whānau.
  • Newsletters to keep parents up to date with Centre happenings.
  • Daily informal interactions during arrival and departure times.
  • Being available for private meetings with parents when this is requested. Ensuring that we provide times to update parents & whānau on their child’s progress, and to learn from them about what is happening in their environment and address any issues.
  • Establishing a welcoming environment and encouraging parents & whānau to spend time with their children in our Centre.
  • Sharing the child’s learning pathway through portfolios, Storypark and face to face discussions. And having conversations to ensure that we understand the parents & whānau aspirations for their child.
  • Encouraging contributions of home stories, pictures and photos to children’s portfolios.
  • Encouraging participation in our programme where parents & whānau have particular skills such as music or craft skills, or during outings, etc.
  • Holding social or educational evenings for parents and whānau.
  • Consulting with parents & whānau on significant policy changes & reviews.
  • Carrying out an annual survey to gain parent & whānau input so that it informs our review processes.

Review Date: July 2021